Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone forgot to wind me.

Am I a horrible person because I felt an overwhelming sensation of nausea topple over me as I watched this and looked at this? These totally made/make me want to blow chunks. Sorry, Jo & hottie mammas everywhere that read this blog.


  1. agreed, babies are weird. Not sure if i like them or not.

  2. Mine was gorgeous from the get go. I shall send you proof...

  3. i said "man those are creepy" when i saw octomom's litter. 8! they're no shiba inu.

    i don't finn looked that freaky, he was much less wrinkled and smegma looking.

  4. you and me both--well, not nausea exactly, but pronounced unease... newborns (except The Pea, obvi) are NOT cute.


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