Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bag Ladies

I felt super honored when Maria Fe, from Layers of Meaning, invited me to partake in her "Through Her Eyes" series along side many old and new bookmarked bloggers. Pop over and check out this week's installment, What's In Your Bag? 

♥Naked dude
♥Ventures Mosrite


  1. Yours is The Awesome. But I'm not sure we can still be friends because I REALLY WANT YOUR GOYARD TOTE AND THIS MIGHT BE A REALLY BIG PROBLEM. But then I recover when I see that you are reading Potato Peel and I really loved that book, so OK.

  2. P, thank you so much for recommending that book to me! It was such a joy to read and I think it may actually make me a better letter writer! I meant to write you a thank you note, but my last letter to you was returned back to me :( I will try again soon! As for the bag, we can scratch a P on the other side and share.


  3. Isn't it a wonderful book? I just loved it. Pure pleasure. I'm reading Terrorist (John Updike) at the moment and it's SUCH A DRAG. But I must press on, because that's how I roll.

  4. This was actually my favorite picture!
    I really wanted to use it!

  5. Your dog and my dog need to have a fabulous chi-party... they look so much alike. Fab bag, btw.


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