Monday, April 13, 2009

Gratitudes: Flat Tire Edition

An old black man in a caddy pulls up next to me and motions for me to roll down my window. I oblige. "Your back tire is very low. You should put some air in it straight away." "Oh! Thank you, thanks! I appreciate it!" I walk around the car, "Aw, FUCK. Again?!?"

About six months ago, when I ran over a nail (this time, a screw) I couldn't even manage to pry the spare loose from the trunk. I felt like a grade A failure. However, tonight I was jammin' to my redemption song. I had the spare, the tools, the jack, everything. 

Another neighbor dude and his old lady (who remotely resembled Amy Poehler) rounded the corner with their two dogs as they spied me attempting to put on the spare myself. I probably looked stupid as fuck with that whole empowered, "HELLS YEAH! I can change my own stinkin' tire" silly look on my face. 

As I was cranking down the jack, he asked if I needed help. "No thanks, I think I got it." YEAH! I'M AWESOME!! "Are you suuure?" "Yeah, thanks, though!" I bet he could smell the bluff from a mile away. They approached. The little black dog took a major country shit in the rocks, stepped in it a couple of times, and jumped on me.

"Well, okaaay," I conceded in an unconvincingly all too quick manner. I began to thank him as profusely as his sweat bullets plopped to the ground. It's a good thing he intervened, because I had an extremely crude sense of the order of events....1. take off bolts, 2. lift the car, 3. put on spare, et voila! I'd completely failed to deduct that the parking break should've been on. 

Now this is where I need your help! I want to send them a thank you gift for being such kind neighbors. Wine (what if they don't drink alcohol)? Starbucks Gift Card (what if they don't drink caffeine--this place is crawling with Mormons)? Cookies? Dog toys? Any good ideas on how I can properly convey my gratitude to the lovely neighbors in #1027?

Thanks in advance!

Got them a thank you card and a PetSmart gift card.


  1. flowers and a dog toy and a nice written note. awesome neighbours are the best.

  2. thanks for the tip! i got lazy and just made one pit stop at petsmart... a gift card, a cute thank you card with a superman bulldog on it :) xoxoxo

  3. Did you buy them poop bags too so that their dog won't step in his own poop again?

  4. heh, no-- now they can buy their own poop bags with the gift card, though :)

  5. Oh.. my cynical side said a doggy diaper.. *chuckle*

  6. i just love that the old man in the caddy said "straight away."

    this sort of reminds me of the first (ok, only) time i had to put air in my car's tires. harder than it looks!


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