Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gratitudes: Lost & Found Edition

1 Set of personal keys
Several thumb drives

1 ID Badge & SunCard
1 Key
1 Earring
1 Ball cap
1 Set of small speakers
1 Pair of sunglasses
1 Bunny pendant
1 Extension cord
1 Thumb drive
1 Tea filter water bottle
1 Pair motorcycle gloves
1 Pair work gloves
1 Religious medallion

Most lost and found items that remain unclaimed after a few weeks are taken to the Lost & Found at the Information Desk. However, to ensure that intellectual property remains secured, all electronic data storage devices are turned over to IT, lab notebooks are turned over to Health & Safety for return to the assigned user and other notebooks, files or papers are shredded. Please remember to secure your personal items to prevent loss or theft.


This list made me chuckle out loud today. I bolded my faves. Sooooo glad it's Friday tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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