Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Great Taco Caper shit.

So, I've received an overwhelming influx of requests (read: 3) that I provide an explanation for the post entitled, "This taco tastes like shit."  As many of you may already know (because I'm a boast and a braggart), my darling little furball, Bella, uses a litter box. A couple of weekends ago, we had momma R over for her birthday and R-R made his infamous chicken tacos.

Whilst cleaning up at the end of the night, I noticed that Bell had done her biznazz on the lip of the litter box. There were no paper towels handy, however, I was on my way to deposit a stale tortilla into the trash bin. I bent down and used the makeshit [sic-for real!] flour paper towel to dispose of the turd. I mean, why waste a fresh paper product? I'm so gree--er, brown? 

My hand hovered over the trash about to release, until I realized what great imagery this was. Delighted I screamed, "POOP TACO!" while waving it around in the air. Then, R proceeded to slap on the left over toppings, browning guac, some refried beans, some shredded cheese, etc. Yes, yes. I realize that people are starving around the world and here I am, putting food on poop. I never said I was mature, or good.

There were subsequent "pretend-to-eat-the-poop-taco" photos that didn't turn out. It was good for a laugh and only lasted for about 3 minutes. It's the little things in life that count, right? So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Zee End.

photo via jjjjound 


  1. This story made my day. I think I might go forage for some poop to make a special taco of my own...

  2. hey erin! i was just thinking about you & your cinnabon yesterday. how are you doing?

  3. you ARE hilarious!
    you totally made my day.
    have a great weekend!!!

  4. kinda reminds me of the poop brownies I posted back on my former Blog Which Shall Not Be Named...

  5. @jenelle: glad to be of service! hope you had a great weekend too!

    @AFKANerF: i vaguely recall the post. is it archived anywhere???

  6. POOP TACO! is totally up my alley.
    I'm sorta loving the way your mind works.


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