Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prada & Tigers & Booze, oh my!

It's the weekend, finally, and I feel like dancin'! Has this also been the longest week of everyone else's lives? But alas, we can't walk backwards into the future. (That nugget was from a fortune cookie my buddy Steve got Thursday night, you can steal it if you want). All I want is a fucking Twinkie and another bottle of this. I wish I had more exciting things to report, but my life is not very exciting right now. Oh wait, I got 2 new pairs of shoes today. I just can't help myself.

I'm pretty jazzed that Tiger Butter has been picking up lately. Thanks to all who have added it to their blogrolls. Stop on by, as we have a lot of new hilariously smart and brilliantly funny contributors. Also, drop us a line, if you'd like to have a haven to be vulgar and silly while still maintaining your principal blog's integrity. I also really want the recently featured GoGirl piss funnel. I think I'm going to buy it after I finish this post. I'll let y'all know how awesome it is. If you see a lump in my pocket, don't fret, it's just my piss funnel. And it's okay, because urine is sterile.

Things that excite me:
♥The prospect of planning our summer vacation.
Paris? Reykjavik? Hawaii?
♥Wearing my new shoes
♥ Brunch with M
♥The Stevester letting us borrow his Wii and Wii fit ...KICKIE PARTIES!
♥Pissing whilst standing

Hope you all have a restful weekend.

photo of Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home  via vintagephoto 


  1. I'm pretty sure Reykkjavik would be tremendously grateful to receive you money.

  2. Miss you too! I need to contribute to TB (no not tiger beat) again soon. I haven't felt as creative as of late. but i'll be back, I promise. xo, s

  3. First of all, I absolutely love that photo-I have it on my desk top titled bf&i_dancing. That's us in my mind.
    Secondly, that gogirl post is fantastic. This comment made me fucking die:
    "And how do you wipe? They assume you are wearing panties, so do they also assume your panties are super absorbent, deodorizing, and disposable? Are these not diapers?
    Third Reykjavik is a must see.
    And lastly, great shoes!


  4. Wow those shoes are so beautiful, I really love them! And thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts! <3 In response to your question (and don't worry, it wasn't stupid, it's actually one of the questions I receive the most), yes, I write all the entries myself, save for the title which is usually a quote from elsewhere. If I ever use anyone else's words within a post, it'll be in quotation marks, and noted, but I usually just stick to what I write. :)


  5. By the way, thanks for inviting me to TB!

    Guess who will have some of that Jose later today??


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