Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To Do List

  1. Grow out hair 
  2. Drop out of grad school
  3. Quit job 
  4. Build time machine 
  5. Take dancing lessons from this babe
  6. Become a go go dancer


  1. Just make sure you grow your hair out before you succumb to the dreaded Old Lady Hair. I think however you have several decades to go...

  2. 1- Go for it
    2- No
    3- NEVER! I would miss you WAY too much :)

    Want to Zumba with me? it will help with dancing skills!

  3. @LPC- hehehe thanks for the advice. i will try! the clock is ticking down...

    @janelle- you're too sweet. sorry for ignoring you today, i was in a grooooooove. ps. what the fuck is zumba????

  4. Just visiting via what possessed me. The taco make de take a closer look and I stayed for the smart writing. I shall be back!

  5. hi corine! welcome! please make yourself at home. i just adore new friendly faces!


  6. not so good... not so good at all.

    on another note, i work with the author of that book! i should just ask him to build it for me.


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