Friday, May 08, 2009

The Mail Room

soft parcel, 2009
Upholstered collection

Oh, be still my little epistolary heart. My mind is racing eight million miles an hour thinking about what to put into care packages. I think I'm going to have a wool&misc care package giveaway to one lucky reader. Your prayers have been answered, a box of junk from me. Exciting, non? More details to follow.
Happy happy Friday!

illustration by EDREM 


  1. Yes a carepackage giveaway is a wonderful idea!!! I would much rather something from the brain of wool&butter than some crafty self promoting garbage.

    ps. i may have to borrow this idea.
    (don't hate)

  2. not a worry, you're the one that got me on this whole care package train anyhow!

  3. I read that you can mail pinatas!
    That would be the most exciting day of the week for anyone a pinata filled with junk!

  4. I'm having a goodtime assembling your CP.


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