Friday, May 08, 2009

No. 5

I'm almost positive if I say "happy anniversary" one more time with that shit eating grin on my face, I'm going to be chopped up and 1/3 put down the garbage disposal, 1/3 fed to the wild pit bulls in the park, and the other 1/3 vacuum packed and put in the freezer, for later. {not for the faint, young, or employed}

So instead, I'll just say...

Dear R,

Thanks for everything. You're the love of my life.

Yours ever,

ps. we're totally old now. this song was more apropos 10 years ago.
pps. thank you, melody, for the hot link.
ppps. photo was taken at the end of our reception. super wastoid, don't even remember the crazy white trash ladies that crashed the party and brought in this blow up penis.


  1. you guys are fucking precious.
    happy spankaversary.

  2. haha conrats! holy you're at the big 10?? So am I next month...its wild. That song is so very gushy, mushy and grand. Hope its swell!!

  3. @melody: thanks! it will be a dirty spankaversary for sure. how did you know?!?

    @clorivak: well...actuallly, this is #5 but we've known each other for 10. congrats to you!

  4. ps. i think you're like the only person on the planet that has included vagina mounting in a love letter.

    You're a keeper for sure!

  5. I just looked up the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary, and it's "wood."


  6. you didn't wait till you were older...
    but you are married and happy because your quality of life has not been brought down due to children!

  7. Janelle, hahahahaha, that's true on many fronts. Are you feeling better today?? Hope you don't have the oinkers flu.

  8. you guys are so cute!

  9. adorable darling!
    Happy Anniversay & celebrate the LURRRve!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary G 'n' R!! <3

  11. Thank you all you lovelies! A wonderful time was had. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!


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