Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I found out that R's prefers Adam, while I prefer Jamie. A shocking revelation. I hope we can get past this.

Jamie Pros                   Adam Pros
Looks like a walrus        Childlike excitement
Wears a beret               Better glasses
Stoic                            Exhuberant

Jamie Cons                  Adam Cons
Moody                           Ginger


  1. it. hey, aren't they both gingers??

  2. Omfg.
    You are a pro/con list master.

    ps. i had a quick thought: If TB were to have an xmas card I think our cheater hat crotch man should be on the front. I can't stop staring at his moobies and fuzzy crotchal region.
    I'm so sick.

  3. @clorivak: hmm, it's hard to say since jamie has no hair, freckles, and his mustache is graying. i'd alway thought they were a couple, hah.

    @melody: thanks! i fucking DREAMED about that post going live last night! I think the sox hat should be wearing a santa hat. Let's do this shit.

  4. Haha... Jamie is totally a walrus. But that's why he's awesome.

    Then again, being a ginger is a plus in my book.


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