Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ooh, rawr, sour mood today! That means I'd better count the good things:

  1. So excited for this weekend's NYC jaunt & all the buds & fam waiting at the other end.
  2. Perfect mani/pedi from Fashionable Coke Nail. I chose "Big Apple Red" because I'm a nerd.
  3. Spending time with my BFF in from LA last weekend. So fun, as always.
  4. The hugest blueberries from Fresh&Easy ever, ever.
  5. The prospect of acquiring this paper pot tissue dispenser for my desk in the future.
  6. Seeing Segways outside my window is endlessly funny. Me: I'm afraid to ride a segway because I'm afraid that I'll eat shit...or look like a douche. R: Both are likely to happen. (Also, it's very hard not to type "segue.")
  7. Summer weather still being mild & kind.
  8. You. All my blog buddies & readers. Every comment from you is like an unopened present under the x-mas tree. Thanks for taking the time.
Phew! I feel better already. Thanks!

drawing by marc johns


  1. I'm new to you, Misc. Wool {get it? Miss Wool?}, but I like you already. Think I trotted over from What Possessed Me. Glad I did.

    Anyway, I want to jump into #8 and become a loyal reader, ok? Ok, here I go ...

  2. W&M! Ur not showing up in my reader. WTF!
    I've missed you. Please never hop on a segue or I'll have to stop being your friend. Really.


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