Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Now Playing: No, but, thanks.

Dear Amazon,

Puh-lease stop trying to sell me a Kindle. Don't you realize that the synergy, no-- the magic, that occurs between flesh and paper is too salient to ever be replaced by a piece of plastic and a tangle of wires? I cannot dog ear a Kindle, nor fit it in my back pocket. I cannot inhale the scent of its decades old paper, nor run my fingers along its jagged edges. I cannot pick the glue off its binding, nor bring it in the bath tub. Cannot. Will not. Do not want.

Yours ever,

fortune from last night's meal


  1. Or dodge the decades old boogies from a library book's pages! :D

  2. ahahaha...brannan's comment, i've seen many a dried boog smeared along pages.

    kindle will NEVER replace the book...NEVER. I adore that letter Gracie..ya summed it up woman!

  3. @ brannan: yes, boogers! and hair! i love finding hair. esp. pet hair. uhh, fur?

    @clorivak: why thank you. i just don't understand why they would continue to tank money into kindle! poor biznazz strategy.

  4. What a perfect fortune Grace! Much better than the shit I got last week "It takes courage to admit fault".
    fuck you cookie.

    Also, There's nothing like that book scent, curled up covers and finding random papers and hidden photos.


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