Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ain't what they used to be...

I scream,
you scream,
we all scream
this ain't no
ice cream truck...
t'is a molester van!

Ice cream trucks in AZ look totally dodgy.

It really fucking
grinds my gears
when YouTube
doesn't let me
embed videos.


Sculpture by the Glue Society;
drawring by EDREM
top photo by yours truly


  1. The ice cream truck in my old neighborhood played la cucaracha! lalala la
    The one is my neighborhood is the rocketpop! and if you don't have enough money they still give you your ice cream. I haven't seen it, but my friend got me ice cream from it!

  2. Best song/video. <3

    Our icecream trucks don't even play real music anymore. It's just a soundtrack of quacks, pig oinks and kids laughing. (so gross)
    At least our latino icream men still sell fried churros on the side. ;)

    ps. My favorite "yo mama" joke:
    You're mama's so whack she's the dj on the icecream truck.

  3. Heck I wouldn't even let my husband go near that ice cream van - I didn't realize til now that I haven't seen an ice cream truck here ever (moved 2 yrs ago) and it is kind of nice not to hear the stupid music!!!

  4. ice cream trucks freak me out. the music is always so warbly and slightly off key sounding - sounds like a horror movie to me, think music in amityville horror. I'll buy freeze pops and ice creams sanwitches at the sto thankye.

  5. that sculpture is awesome. and yes, ice cream trucks are dodgy-- when i was in high school i was walking through my neighborhood and a driver honked at me! creepy.


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