Thursday, July 23, 2009

Color me embarrassed.

As a bud once pointed out, I only feel comfortable spilling my guts to complete strangers. When someone, IRL, says they read my blog, I'm torn between feeling really a) extremely flattered b) utterly mortified.

a) Because, WOW, you take the time out of your busy life to read about my nonsense here? That's kind & radical.
b) Because, OMG, you know my inner most thoughts. You know what a nut bag I really am. You will pass judgement on me.

Wanna see me turn really lobster red? Reference things that I have written about, never fails. Any of you ever feel like that? As tough as I may try to pass myself off to be sometimes, I'm still just that shy little girl inside. Shhh, don't blow my cover, okay?

photo via twink


  1. i've had similar experiences when i've met online peeps.

    there's a kinda safety in words that you can't get face to face. sociopathic nerds can seem like studs, and lame jerks you can't stand are suddenly your favorite person to be around.

    sometimes the possibility of people not liking your IRL self can be so intimidating!

    and i definitely feel ya about the tough/lil girl conundrum. it's all about balance, baby. no one wants all tough, or all kiddie girl. i feel like some days i can strike that balance precisely, and other days i confound myself with what a douche-and/or-baby i can be. waaaah

  2. hi tiffany,
    thanks for commenting! totally feeling your thoughts.

  3. I can't imagine ever meeting someone in real life who reads my blog. I'd faint.

  4. i actually looked researched to see if there was a surgery to somehow eradicate blushing. it plagues me. my original plan was to stay anonymous but then my laziness took over and i couldn't commit to facial censoring in every photo. thus hair flipping ensued. and now...meh...whatever. i completely agree with what you wrote above. totally. yep i'm kimchi.

  5. We've talked about it and since you have nothing to be embarrassed about you should just get over it. I know, I know... easier said than done. It's like me and internet dating.


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