Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now Playing: Do you ever?

  • Listen the shit out of one particular album?
  • Over and over again until you can sing every lyric in your sleep?
  • When a shuffle of the order of songs seems to upset the balance of the universe?
  • Feel like you want to marry/be besties with the singer?
  • Let every note weave itself into the fabric of your reality and being?
  • Construct imaginary parallels between you and the songwriter?
  • Hear the aformentioned album again down the line and feel simultaneously nostalgic and embarrassed?
  • Conclude that you've outgrown that chapter of your life and the once adored and worshiped music just sounds childish and listless.
  • Wonder why you ever liked it in the first place?

*not Nirvana, never Nirvana

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