Saturday, July 04, 2009

It all went too fast.

First night. Soho. Walked out of TopShop and looked up. The sky was amazing. Everyone was stopped dead in their tracks. There was an eerie quietness reminiscent of a pre-alien invasion scene in some Will Smith flick. Wasn't sure if the world was going to end just then. It was beautiful.
R upgraded to a suite without my knowing. My cheap ass was a little miffed for a moment, until I saw the view from my side of the bed. "Let's just squat here, forever and ever."
Dinner at DuMonts with Zeke & Chiyo, then drinks at Daddy's with the boys. These guys have known each other since age 12. It's so nice to have OLD friends. Brooklyn is crawling with AZ transplants. I had my first "margaveza," margarita mix + corona. I'm hooked.
Met up with the inimitable Mr. Johnny Sagan for drinks at the Waldorf & dinner at Balthazar.
SHELL SHOCKED. We ordered Le Balthazar seafood tower. And tower it was, did.
Little lovers.

Afterwards, we strolled over to Union Square and bid farewell to our Brooklyn bound bud, but not before securing some ice cream cones. R & I sat on the steps under the glow of Shoe Mania and devoured our snacks whilst watching MJ videos on a laptop hooked up to big speakers in the park. Made so many amazing memories that I'll never forget.


  1. Dreamy sky, dreamy trip.

  2. That all sounds just lovely and perfect. Good for you.

  3. Love the view from your hotel room-it looks perfect!

  4. Damn G your legs be swollen.

  5. tree trunk legs & kankles!

  6. that is the cutest picture of you ever!


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