Friday, July 31, 2009


Was majorly procrastinating the other night, trolling through some old photos when I was supposed to be doing supply chain forecasting homework. Oopsy. But check out this gem that I stumbled upon!

Circa 2005. Tales from the Birdbath Japan Tour. This was taken at the Funhouse in Seattle the night before we left. Now, I don't mean to toot my own (melodi)horn, but I'm digging how young I look here. Also loving R's smile in the background.

Hey, did you guys hear that Michael Jackson died?!??!


  1. Kate/future_classic7/31/09, 12:39 PM

    "Supply chain forecasting"?? Hell girl what are studying to be?

    I've never seen you with long hair! 2005? This just shows how safe black is - the photo doesn't look a day over 2009


  2. hiya ms. kate!

    i'm studying to be HBIC (head biatch in charge) & hoping that an expensive MBA will help me achieve this goal. the going is dry. oh, man is it ever dry. therefore, i get lost in the land of internet (and hard drive) distractions for hours upon hours.

    as for the hair, i'm trying to grow it back out. let's see how far i get :D

    hope all is going swimmingly,

  3. ummm...holy cute. haha, you are totally rocking in all formats in that photo.


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