Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Desultory Delights: No. 2

I'm off to my best friend's wedding in Pasadena for the remainder of the week. I shall leave you with another installment of desultory delights. If I keep this up, I may just have to change the name of this series! Oh well, the content will continue to be delightfully disjointed.

Much to my dismay, I can barely sausage shimmy into my bridesmaid dress. I think I'm going to have to remove a few ribs before Saturday. Shame on me for believing, "I'll order the smaller size, as it will motivate me to shed a few before the wedding."

Time flies like a bat outta hell, don't it? So cliche, but true. I guess all those ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, countless cocktails, and drumsticks were not so kind to my arse. I just hope I don't pass out up there. That would be ultra hilarious though.

R says I'm experiencing bridesmaid anxiety. Bless his little heart for allowing me to drag him to a wedding where he knows no one and where I'll be abandoning him for most of the time. He will need special treats & extra TLC. ♥


  1. Sneaker heels: "NO!"

  2. Why thank you, Darlin', and I'm sorry I'm a little late to this rodeo.


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