Monday, August 17, 2009

Gratitudes: Monday Edition

Ginny reminds us never to take the small things in life for granted. She taught me how to count my gratitudes and for that I am eternally grateful. Doing so never fails to brighten my day & help me gain some perspective. She posted a my list from this weekend on her fairytalesweet blog, My Favorite Color is Shiny. Thanks, Ginny!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Tempurpedic mattresses- 've never had a better night's sleep.
  • sweet, pleasant coworkers- always make going to work easier.
  • having the ability to travel- I'm already jonesin' for airplane air.
  • my friends- I have a new found appreciation for them as I get older.
  • thoughtful gifts- It's definitely much more fun giving than receiving.
  • my dog and the way she'll crawl up on my chest every time I lie down on the bed.
  • the talented Little Ghosts, who made this gorgeous custom papercut for my friend's wedding. Check our her blog & shop!

What are you thankful for this Monday morn'?


  1. Love the photo of the rat and his buddy napping!!!

  2. I am thankful for interesting blogs, interesting music and interesting friends and family. and you!

  3. I guess you fell under the interesting blogs category too.

  4. thanks, sherri! i'm endlessly grateful for you, too. xoxoxoxoxo

    ooh, i forgot to mention coffeee, o glorious coffeeee!

  5. waxy, isn't he adorable? i saved the image, have no idea where it came from :( hate not crediting properly. but alas, too cute not to post.

  6. this is so sweet!!

    i want your bed! ok, that sounds weird. i want a bed like yours!

    and your dog sounds adorable. i have a kitty that will do ANYTHING to get close to me or on me, and it is still adorable to me, even after having him for 11 years!

    and that cutout IS FUCKING AMAZING! pardon my cursing -- that is just enthusiasm! LOVE IT!!!


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