Friday, August 14, 2009

Now Playing: Hooves Edition

(click to enlarge at your own risk)

My brain is scrambled from the heat. Do you have any great plans this weekend? I'm going to get a pedicure. Hopefully, Fashionable Coke Nail will be working. I should really drag the owner of the hooves above along with me.

Don't get me wrong, I just LOVE Tommy from Jak&Jil, absolutely love love love. I even dedicated an entire series to him. But, 'the fuck was homeboy smoking when he snapped the 2nd photo? Yeah, I mean, the shoes are nice, a little ho-hum, but look at those toenails! Those calluses! That smashed little piggy at the end! I would just internet-die if my beat up plates of meat showed up on a hot fashion blog. The poor, poor woman.

photos by jak&jil


  1. haha! messed up hooves and the toes hanging over the front of the shoe. damn. stop.

  2. omfg!
    Internet die. Loves.
    I have a major major issue with what I refer to as "bird perch" toes and squeezed piglets. People need to be comfortable sizing up. I find slightly big shoes to be sexy... a foot that can easily slide out is so much better than one that needs coaxing and crisco. Aside from wearing a 1/2 size too big her feet look puffy too. I'd suggest she cut back on the sodium.

    Oh man, how i've missed ya GO!


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