Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's in a name? Pt. 2

I found out some great news during the swim the other night!
I was not named after my dad's dead ex after all!!!

So, for all of my life, I thought that I was named after my dad's deceased ex-girlfriend. The story went that my mom would suggest all of these potential names for fetal me, "Judy...?" My dad would say no. "Kathy...?" My dad would shoot that down as well and on and on and on. Then, finally, he suggested Grace and my exacerbated mom liked it enough at the time and it was settled. Months down the line, mom goes on to discover that Grace was the name of dad's ex. Furious, steaming, but too late.

Waterlogged, my brother swam up beside me and said that my cousin named his baby (middle name) after me. Dumbfounded, I said, "No he didn't, it's is a family name!" (We also have an aunt named Grace). "Well, I was named after dad's dead girlfriend, anyhow." Here comes the shocker... "No you weren't!" he exclaimed, "You were named after Grace Kelly! Dad's ex-girlfriend's name was
Tracy. Mom has her memories mixed up."

WOOT!!! YEAH!!! This changes everything! (nothing?)

What are the origins of your name?


  1. I was named after a character in a book that my mom read in middle school. Once she read that name, she said she always knew she'd have a girl and name her "Megan".

  2. My mother is a compulsive liar and has fed me several different stories about the origin of my name (one being it was the moniker of a minor Star Trek character).

    I have no idea why she picked such an unusual name.

  3. My Dad is Scottish so I have a Scottish name. However, it's always being pronounced incorrectly, even when I was in Scotland.

    PS thanks for commenting on my blog. It was fun throwing a party, even though I only decided to do it 2 days beforehand and had to clean my entire apartment for the first time in months!

  4. First, I love the name Grace and considered it both times should we have had a girl. um, we didn't . beautiful name I've always thought. my name was almost shanda. and my middle name was almost leah. say it fast and I'm a light fixture with a south georgia accent. not a great idea.

  5. Sherri, I'm SO glad you didn't end up a "Shanda." It means "shame" or "scandal" in Hebrew.

  6. I was named Silje which is a name you don't really get anywhere except from Norway, so people always get a surprised look when I tell them my name, Silje Pettersen... which is very Nordic which I don't look at all being adopted, but I sort of like it now... that it is different, and reveals part of me/my upbringing, it's like a constant, and no matter where I am I can be certain that people will miss-pronounce it. :)

  7. I was supposed to be named Sunshine, but I was named Lisa at the last minute instead (because they are such similar names...).

    I love the name Grace. It's so delicate :)

  8. I was named after Samantha from the TV show Bewitched - true story -

  9. my mom's favorite book was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. she wanted her daughter to grow up to be like jane and have all her qualities. except for the plain and homely part, so she threw in the Y in hopes that I would be more unique.

    one of my best friends' mom...when she was pregnant with my friend, she went to this ob/gyn and the same woman would always be in the waiting room, who had around the same due date as her. they get to talking after always seeing each other and one day discuss baby names. she was also due with a girl. turns out my friend's mom and the other lady both wanted to name their daughter Grace so they made this bet that whoever came out first would be named Grace...and the other would be named Brace. my friend was born first. there is a girl named Brace somewhere. true story.

  10. my first name is my mother's middle name which she uses as her main name. {got that?}

    and my middle name is ashley, which my mom says she liked after reading 'gone with the wind'.

    my dad wanted to name me lacey. which might be fine in and of itself, but i think that having the name "Lacey Kane" might have lead me down a different path in life, if you catch my drift.

  11. My parents thought that Kristen would be an original and unusual name. Then I went to grade school with two Kristins and a Krista. It was original in the fact that it's spelled with a E and not an I, but that only meant I could never find a bike license plate at Disney that spelled my name correctly.

    So, in short, fuck my name.

  12. By the way, I love Shanda Leah.


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