Friday, September 04, 2009

Get with the programme(s)!

A list of fall shows that I'm chomping at the bit to lay my peepers on:

  1. 30 Rock
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. The Sarah Silverman Programme
  4. Glee (quit teasing me with this director's cut shit)
  5. Nip/Tuck (i pray at the altar of R. Murphy)
  6. The Office (sorta)
  7. The City/The Hills (shhhhh!)

What are your must-sees?


  1. Definitely How I Met Your Mother. And 30 Rock.

  2. ooh! haven't seen that, but anything with NPH has to be good.

  3. Oh boy, my peepers are with ya. Dying for 1-3.
    Totes on the same page with (sorta).
    Id add Dexter to that list though. He's a Ginger so, I understand why it didn't make the list.

    <3, memelodia
    (blogging from phone- sorry for the anon)

  4. Mainly Gossip Girl. And Lost. When does that start again?

  5. America's Next Top Model(premiere tonight) for me...I love hating the bitches.


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