Friday, September 04, 2009

"satan sucks, but you're the best"

satan sucks, but you're the best
holy smokes you past the test
when i'm with you i feel blessed
my chinchilla
satan sucks, but you're okay
since you came things go my way
here tomorrow, here today
my chinchilla
one day i woke up and everything was beautiful
my troubles had all fallen out the window
satan sucks but you're divine
sitting pretty by my side
my oh my, chinchilla

Chanel A/W2008


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Thanks for the reminder..I am so rocking out to this NOW. And is that the Fall/Winter 09 Phillip Lim? I freaking adore the garms. I want to chop my hair like that too. Have a Great Weekend!

  2. ain't it great? stuck in my head all morning! it's chanel, not sure what season ;) hope you have a great long weekend, too!

  3. I love the song box of hair and one last kiss,oh and freaky...i love the raunchy sound that comes up on this album. Shite...check out philip lim's stuff as of late,its similar...oh sooo cool. I want it ALL.

  4. this was a standard high-school mixtape song!!!


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