Thursday, September 03, 2009

Selfsuffering succotash!

Please excuse me while I get all new agey on y'all's asses. This too, I'm sure, will pass. In yoga the other day, the instructor talked about suffering. How we, as humans, suffer. We're here to suffer. Hahaha. We suffer both physically and mentally. I especially liked the part when she talked about selfsuffering. Through unnecessary worry or procrastination (I've been heavy on the latter lately) we cause/create avoidable suffering to ourselves. Now that I'm aware of this, I still can't manage to change. Breathe in, breathe out x 3.


  1. we're on the same damn wavelength.
    Remember, I think we live in each others brains.
    I'm pretty vacant lately so I must be squatting in your head.

  2. Indeed, but this feeling too, shall pass.

    Somehow, I think humans... in a way sort of like suffering though? Hmm... as in when you become more aware of things you seem to suffer more, like all the great thinkers throughout time were often depressed and hermits. I am going OT here, but I don't think it's really something we can get rid of...

    Dd I say I love your blog?

  3. @melody: squat away! it's lonely up there. so glad you came.

    @silje: hmmmmm. good point you bring up! if i can't get rid, then i might as well not even try. hahahhaa. the internet gave me ADD. thank you for reading and commenting here. i love it when you visit. i also LOVE your blog, too!



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