Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U.F.: Leftovers Edition

OMFG. I'm completely obsessed with these leather goodies from Spooner+Watts. Over the effing moon. I love products that mimic disposable items.

How incredible would it be to carry your phone/lipstick/cashola around in this little pigskin lunch box at a party, as if you were carrying left overs? (Clearly, I don't attend parties very often.)
I'm also loving this leathahh envelope. Clutching one in your pit and walking fast, with conviction, can make anyone appear ultra important. No one has to know that you have an US Weekly & sudoku tucked away in there. TCB, all the way.

Their shopping bags are pretty goddamned adorable, too. Reminiscent of the retardedly expensive Chanel ones. I'm glad that the website doesn't show its price, else my little dreams would be obliterated in a heartbeat. You know it's going to be astronomically expensive when they can't even bear to show you the price up front.


  1. I love "permanent" disposable looking things too! Years ago, we had a suitcase repair guy here in Atlanta. He was great with leather. I had him make a leather envelope for me. It is just like the one in your post -- except black leather (I like the tan better) and has a string wrap tie. I still use it for client meetings.

  2. SUSIE!!! THE STRING!!!!! THE STRING is the finishing touch!!! Pure genius. I want to see your envelope!


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