Friday, October 16, 2009

Feed Feedback

Dear Readereaders,

As you may have noticed, I've truncated my RSS feed. I feel I must apologize for this hypocritical action. Often times, I just read from my reader and get frustrated when I come across a blog with a short feed. I changed my settings in hopes that you'd click through and visit more often. I guess I was lonely out here in blogland.

Sorry to be so needy, but you make this fun. I hope you'll stick with and not just unsubscribe. If you hate not being able to read along from the comforts of your feed/reader, then please let me know and I may switch it back. Hope you have a pleasure filled weekend and as always, thanks for all the love and kindness.

Yours ever,

I changed it back. Thanks for your thoughts ♥


  1. Aw.... I miss the pretty pictures.

  2. Ack, you kill me! I love your blog, but I subscribe to over 500 fashion blogs, and want to read them all - truncating your feed will actually bring you LESS visitors because people are widely annoyed with shortened RSS feeds. To a full-time blogger, it SHOWS that you want hits more than you want people to read your blog (in my opinion), which rubs my "why blog?" feelers the wrong way. I usually unsub when someone goes short, but I really love your blog, and have hope that you'll change it back. <3

  3. I think that's my ex-bf's gf's hand in TR's mouth.

    Carry on ♥

  4. susie q- noted! thanks!

    miss elle- i don't care about hits, i just like hearing from you guys... like right now! i'll probably change it back. thanks for your thoughts.

    LA- oooh, hot gossip. love it.

  5. yah truncation bugs the shit out of me too. I have such a short attention span.

  6. also, excuse me but when have you commented on MY blog?? just saying.

  7. ESB, shocking. it's hard to believe.


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