Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gratitudes: LYLAS

"Friends are like bras; 
close to your heart 
& there for support."

Yes. At this moment, I'm feeling wildly lucky to have such rich friendships. Having the ability to make quality, lasting friendships as an adult is much more difficult, no? Competing priorities, cost/benefit analyses, & what not. Cherish those that stick around, for like ever.

Cheers to the new friends I've made (on & off line)! Deepest, bottomless thanks to the old ones who have steadfastly been along for the (oft bumpy) ride.


  1. this picture is RAD!!!! and cheers to great friends. i have dumped a lot along the way, and that is ok. but i need to find some replacements in real life as the on-line ones are too far away to hang out with!

    hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I LOVE this photo with all my heart.

    Thanks for posting it, Sugar Mama.


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