Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gratitudes: October Edition

Things that I'm grateful for on this first day of October:

♥Stumbling upon a bacon, egg, toast breakfast at my parents house this morning at dog drop off
♥A venti americano purchased with a generous sbux gift card from a client
♥Two dozen long stemmed roses delivered to my work for no reason (aka the BEST reason - listen up guys: "just because" will totally get you laid.)
♥Carving out time to go to yoga practice today come hell or high water
♥The fact that tomorrow is Friday & the temp read 71 F this morning
♥The absolutely adorable little old man in my office who asks me for "tech support" and rewards me with chocolate. It feels great being able to save the day.
♥A beautiful dream I had last night where mini snowballs were falling from the sky
♥My fab horoscope for October. Most likely all BS, but already feeling better that Mercury's no longer in retrograde (whatever that means...)
♥You. Thank you for reading along and making such incredible comments. Especially the ones for the NPR post. How could I have forgotten about Lakshmi, Nina Totes, Mara, & the Glaze? I love you.

What's on your list for today?


  1. I'm grateful for this blog and Grace's creativity.

  2. Oh yeah, Lakshmi Sing, LOVE that name too. That dream you had sounded lovely. I love it when you do "gratitudes" - I am grateful for that and your blog as well! xo, s/claw

  3. and that bat poster kicks ass.

  4. I LOVE the bat illustration! Where did you find it?

  5. I found it through a google image search, but forgot the actual website :( Bad blogger, bad!

  6. No wait! I found it in Tumblr... credited now..... yay!


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