Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now Playing: Stuffed Edition

Goddamn, thus far DC has been a culinary tour de force. The photo above totally sums up how I'm feeling right now.

Random Thai Restaurant. I ordered a pity app, so my dining partner wouldn't feel awkward while I watched her eat her soup. See? Who said that I'm not a good friend?? Took advantage of the Phi Phi Seafood Island (almost as good of a name as "Moons Over My Hammy"), though I couldn't stop thinking about the Phi Creeps. Also, ever notice how all Thai pretty much tastes the same?

Marvin totally reminded me of DuMont & Freeman's love child. Had the Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut, Onion puree, cauliflower risolee, sauteed spinach, bacon, beurre blanc + 2 bottles French Bordeaux

Then, drinks at The Gibson, a "speakeasy" next door. First order of hilarity, the adorable 70 year old world renowned vaccinologist we were with, kept trying to muscle his way in the door, past the Wes Anderson wanna be doorman. Wasn't til after I grabbed him by the corduroy blazered arm and called him The Fantastic Mr. Fox, did we get seated inside. 

Cute scientist man starts saying, "Oh, stupid me! I know what he wanted, he wanted me to peel him off one," and made that money rubbing fingers. I tried to reassure him it was just the place's schtick. "Smug hipsters that's all," he remained unconvinced. Besides the pretentiousness, the cocktails (sidecar, julep) were quite delish.

Room service. Ordered eggs, toast, and fruit in an attempt to heal myself from the night before. Mystery grilled cheese showed up instead of toast. Ate it in bed while transfixed with the A&E Biography of Shannen Doherty. Crumbs everywhere, was reminded how much I love this crazy bitch.

A few hours later, headed to the Westend Bistro for the Roasted Chicken with country bread stuffing. First, it was utterly mind blowing, then completely heart breaking, when I couldn't finish the last piece and my hotel room was sans microwave. It was like giving up a child for adoption. I should have just smuggled it out & kept it warm in my vadge.

"Stayed in" & ate meatloaf ♥ at the hotel pub. Greasy & comforting, can't really go wrong. I think I need to create a meatloaf label. Stuffed beyond belief while I'm typing this.

Going to fast all day, then head to Marcel's for their famous lobster bisque with brioche crouton. I'm dyyying.

The thought of having a scale be brought up to my room crossed my mind more than once. I'd go to the fitness center, if I could move. It's a shame, because I'd been doing so well, up until now. DC is definitely a food town.

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  1. Lord I love a side car! Enjoy the lobster bisque!

  2. amazing food in dc, that town is just perfect. oh if you want a good laugh, tour the scientology centre (er?) there, we did and it was freaky and fun.

  3. Pity apps would make a good blog post topic. ;)

  4. That was a pity app? You didn't have to do that. I'm touched. I have to have my tom kah soup if I'm in a Thai restaurant.

  5. mm, sounds awesome. i'm supposed to visit DC in a couple weeks for the first time ever.


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