Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pet pet names

In my experience, I've found that bisyllabic pet names roll off the tongue the best. Monosyllabic names are cute (also look better on tags), but when calling aloud, one would have to do a sing-songy extension midway through or add an "-ie" sound at the end. With that said, pet pet names, however, should be as redonk as humanly possible.

Here are a few of Bel·la's:

  • Professor Lazybones
  • Renee Tailwagger
  • Sir Lix-a-Lot
  • Littlest one
  • Bellavator
  • Bellanator
  • Umbrella
  • Cowbell
  • Doggin
  • Furball
  • Kitten
  • Belly
  • Bells

What are your pets' pet names?


  1. Woofer. (What my Aussie love called him)
    Mister. ( when in trouble)
    Little H.
    Haydyno. (Hayden and Dyno combined)

    I like this game. We are such nerds.

  2. nice ones! the last makes me think of rob schneider... makin' copieeeeeees....

    thank you all for playing along with my stupid games.


  3. I love pets pet names!!! What a great game. ^_^

    My two are Tuna & Turtles:

    Tuna- Tuna Melt, lil' Tuna,Toonie,Tuna the Tank,Byoonus,Byoone,Tuna Bee etc etc..haha

    Turtles- Turts,Burdles,Byurts,Buddy,Big Ol',Dirtles etc etc...

  4. There are so many, and they constantly change! Given name: Otto. Pet names: O-Man, Little O, Ottoman (Empire), Oster, Pupster, Puppins, Meister, Meester, Monsieur, Piglet, Wildman, Wild Hog, etc. (he makes oink-like sounds if you were wondering why the swine themed pet pet names)

  5. (dog)
    darby, which gets shortened to darb from time to time-my fav. twenties word! and my dad calls him darbence.
    fia. fia fragile is her full name (with an italian accent)

  6. Love this post!
    Your first 3 names are quite cleaver...
    Bella is one lucky pup.
    Parker has a few nicknames but not as many as Ben does.
    Here a few that we call our baby that spring to mind:
    The child
    This baby
    Kooks and dukes
    Parks and barks
    Oh my god (said in a really really high annoying voice)
    Small thing

  7. Word to the wise: Before naming any pet "Penny", be aware that you will have to endure:

    A. Answering the question, "Ohh, after the Beatles song? Or 'Almost Famous'?" a million times, and
    B. Telling your boyfriend NOT to refer to her as "Peenie" or "Peen". Talk about unflattering pet names, haha.

  8. Elmo: Mo, Moby, Mobius Strip, Mo' Money, Fat Boy, Guyliner

    Cookie Monster: Cook, Cooks, Cooksie, Cookers, Cookers Monsters, Cookery Monstery, Monsters lead such fascinating lives

  9. Pearl: Pearly Girl, Pearls, Girly Dirl, BooBoo, Sweetest Girl, Little Red Girl

    Choco: Chocky Choc Choc, Mister, Boy Dog, Dog Boy, Doggie Dog, Biggest Dog { he's 1/2 Great Pyrenees and huge! }

  10. Tell us about that old photo... Where did you find it? Did you art it up? With a partner, I started a business for dog lovers -- Barkology. It all started with an old photo of a pit bull. I left Barkology years ago, but the business is still going strong and has great products.

  11. found it on tumblr! updated with cred. i love that pitbull photo, barkology looks really cool.

  12. Just a few(thousand) of my cat Oliver's aliases: Bandicoot/Bandicute, Pippy Lawn Droppings, Peter Rottentail, Lady Chatterley/Lady Chatterley's Litter, Senor Jose Gato Negro con Calcetines Blancos (Mr. Joe Black Cat with White Socks - well, now you can picture him in your mind), Sir Lix-a-Lot (just like Bella!), Pound Purry (remember those?), Cute-ifer, Talky McTalkerson, etc.


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