Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I did not know that Rick Owens had:

1. Personalized M&Ms

2. A WIFE!

Michele Lamy
slash business partner slash muse slash restaurateur
slash gold & diamond encrusted teef owner

Also, how awesome is it that she's a mature rockin' woman (I replaced "granny" because I thought that was a little harsh & counterproductive) and not some starving Eastern Bloc teenage giraffe?!?**

Love always,
The President of the Last To Know Club

ps. Look how fucking cute and PERFECT they are together! I can't stand it!
**(and I say that out of complete bitterness and jealousy, btw)


  1. at a loss for words.

    (no words)


    ps. I'm the executive vice president of the last to know club.

  2. Love this video: http://www.hintmag.com/blog/2009/04/hint-video-rick-owens.html

  3. I *totally* knew all about this. especially the m&m's.


  4. a wife? more like a beard! their romance reminds me a bit of the Vivienne Westwood/Andreas Kronthaler pairing. and yes, it's nice that she's older. so many older women i admire are clearly crackheads though, and that's slightly disturbing (o.O)

  5. aww, don't shatter my dreams but uttering "beard."

    total crackheads, though, i agree.

  6. This makes me the president of the last to know club.

  7. wow, i had no clue about any of that.
    grey m&m's! how bland. it would be like eating pebbles.

  8. I can't believe she's that old. She was looking all normal in the 80's when she had a clothing line here in the US. Now she looks like a granny. Guess some just age much quicker then others.

  9. the new yorker ran an article about owens and talked about his wife in it. it's hilarious and worth checking out.
    and for some reason i can't copy the URL into this comment box.
    i'll email you.


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