Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild Things

Saw Wild Things tonight! ZOMG!!! It was soooooooooooooooooooo amazing. The soundtrack was off the hook.* Best. Movie. Ever.

Also saw The September Issue. Peed a little and choked on a popcorn kernel when R made the observation that Grace Coddington (bless her) bears a strong resemblance to Rocky Dennis.

*do people still say that anymore?


  1. Sooo jealous, I was supposed to have done the same thing as you this weekend, but plans crapped out. So glad to hear they were good!

  2. BAWAHHAHAHAHA! You totally made me LOL with the first comment. I hope everyone else here gets it-hahaha!

    I do want to see The September Issue though.

  3. did not see WTWTA, was referring to the 1998 film wild things. neve campbell's greatest work to date.

  4. I love this movie (minus K.Bacon's dick cameo).Totally Neve's greatest achievement. We were all over this back in the day- this was like smut when I was 15.

    Random fact: This was filmed at some private school by my high school.

  5. OH and a Rocky reference.


    He really is the best husband.

  6. Duh. I love the movie Wild Things. It only took my fragile brain a week to get this. I thought you had put up the neve campbell/movie pic up to be funny. That's what I get for reading blogs while snorting draino.

  7. you're too funny! :D


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