Friday, November 06, 2009


The Selby: Making the rest of us feel inferior about our interiors since 2008

yoshiko kajitani - designer of yoshiko creation paris 
at her home - tokyo
ps. OOH! I have tree branches on my living room wall! Not as jutty, though. Nice! 


  1. haha, i LOVE your Selby tagline!!! The Selby is the best. Can't wait for Shannon Click's home to be posted (he shot it for Twin Magazine) xx

  2. You have the best blog I've ever read. I mean it. I sat through and read previous entries last night and nearly fell off my chair in both amazement and laughter. No exclamation marks, to prove how serious I am.
    ;) keep going, please, please

  3. I don't think I've ever heard "jutty" used to describe anything other than nipples. Well done. (On a related note, aren't her branches hanging a little low? No, not her nipples. The branches. I'm worried she'll take an eye out when she looks up from vacuuming.)

  4. i had tree branches in my living room until we moved and they wouldn't fit. but i think i might just have to bring them back ...


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