Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gratitudes: Lost & Found Edition Vol. 2

If I may be honest for a second, my favorite part of my job is the lost and found email that's distributed once a month-ish. Nine times out of ten it's filled to the brim with what-the-fuckery.

My coworker, K, and I always joked that we were going to start "loosing" random thrifted/dollar store items around the building to see if they make the list. It was always a great idea, but lacked follow through (surprise, surprise!).

A few weeks ago K & other cutie coworker, J stopped by to tell me that my birthday present was on it's way, but they didn't know when it would arrive. The two little blondies were smiling like cats who ate a thousand canaries stuffed with foie gras. I quickly forgot about this exchange about ten minutes after they pranced away giggling.

However, today at 4:31PM, the latest installment of the lost & found came out. I was giddy with excitement when I saw the message pop up in the lower right hand corner of my screen. It was like Christmas morning, and I was 8 again. Here's this month's goodness:

* * *


Bird figurine (WTF!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EPIC!!!)
Little black book (Ooh, naughtay, naughtay!)
“Hoodie” style jacket (
Reusable water bottle
Eyeglass case
Cell phone case
Halogen light bulb (HEEE!!!!)

If you believe any of these items may belong to you, please reply to this email with a detailed description. (more to come on this...)

Cell phones (yawn)
Thumb drives/Jump drives/Zip drives/Flash drives (booooring)

* * *

Immediately, I type manically via MSN messenger to K about the The List. She only replies, "What type of person loses a bird figurine?!?"

4:55PM, I'm passing by to pick up some copies, I stop by K's to RAVE in person about the L&F list.

She smiles, cheshirely, and breaks, "That's your birthday present, the first one."

"OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wrapped my right arm around her while the left one flapped in the wind.


She goes on to tell me about how she & J went to the dollar store and found this gem for lil' ol' moi. AND that the BIRD FIGURINE was actually a cardinal perching atop an ACORN.


Perhaps I should "reply to this email with a detailed description" or better yet, just let the mystery bird figurine nest.


  1. that is the best effing birthday present ever.

    also, that possum can come live in our backyard anytime.

  2. Hold on. I lost that bird figurine. It's mine.


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