Saturday, November 07, 2009

Guilt with a side of eggs

Feeling a little guilty for having such a strong affinity towards this photo of Anna Karina. Also, feeling a lot guilty for having accomplished absolutely nothing except:

♥ make & eat eggs
♥ read your blogs
♥ watch Gossip Girl on the computer
♥ listen to Creation records
♥ drink copious amounts of coffee

Headed to a wedding tonight at the desert botanical garden. Should be good times, the weather really couldn't be any more beautiful, and any less November. Hope the weekend is treating you kindly so far. x to the o.


  1. That photo is so cool. Have a great weekend.

  2. i forgot how much i like reading your blog. i need to read it on the reg. now since i have no other ways of keeping in touch with you via the internets! xoxo

  3. this is pretty much EXACTLY like my day but minus the coffee! i love the creation too! i was lucky enough to see them in london a few years back. they still got it!


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