Friday, November 06, 2009

Post Mortem Post

A bit grim, but I'm drawing up plans for some scheduled posts in case of my untimely demise. I suppose this was partly inspired by the late Theresa Duncan's Wit of the Staircase (one of my favorite blogs, ex post facto). She had 2 scheduled posts that published after her suicide. One was a ghost story by Dick Cavett and the other a T.S. Eliot poem.

Perhaps she scheduled them long ago, as the last post on new year's eve was entitled, "New Beginning." Or... maybe she wrote them right before, to communicate to us from the afterlife. Either way, it's other worldly and totally enchanting, no?

I must be careful, because I wouldn't want my virtual legacy to accidentally be a poop post, me calling someone a tardcunt, or something crass like that. However, it could very well be a NASA/Jak&Jil post because I do tend to schedule those ahead of time in batches.

Oh god, the pressure and the logistics! I'd have to move post dates if I survive. Maybe they can be scheduled to appear on my birthday? But how would you know if I passed? I'm not a high profile person. Hrmmm. Perhaps I could have R post an obituary for me. But what if we died together? I'd need a back up poster. Blurgh. This is turning into a clusterfuck.

I've always been strangly obsessed/paranoid with the trail of cyber junk I'm leaving behind. What will happen to this blog? My other blogs? My various email accounts? My photo storage accounts? My Twitter?

Recently, I've been trying to streamline my web presence. So far I've already killed: myspace, facebook, buzznet, deviant art, friendster, orkut (remember that FAIL?). Still on the kill list: livejournal (eep! I'm sentimental), various half empty photobuckets, and on and on.

More on the topic later...


  1. ps. I KNOW Tiger Butter will be just fine ♥

  2. streamlining your web presence, huh? this is a very good idea. but i have trouble keeping my closet clean, i fear i am leaving a mess behind me on the web. good to think about.

  3. omigod. pls do not get me all worked up about this. apparently there's a service that will handle these things for you post-mortem?

  4. ESB: a service?!?! i need it! dish!

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