Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12.16.09: Gratitudes

♥ Everyone who has entertained my silly de-lurking request thus far. I've replied with little notes & have subscribed to all of your respective blobs. (Check back, if you haven't signed up for comment replies [if you want] )
♥ R offering to send out my packages through his work. I've been hearing horror stories of the post office at this time of year. Otherwise strong & rational people being reduced to a puddle of tears. No thank you!
♥ Seeing my two best friends in one day yesterday! Makes me feel dizzy with joy.
♥ Not receiving a pigeon in the mail, even though that collagey thing above is super adorable.
♥ Having weeknights free to dick off.
♥ Finally getting over that debilitating cold.
♥ Having a niiiiice boss & colleagues.
♥ Having had a not-so-niiiiice (read: pure evil) boss that gave me a point of reference and some valuable perspective.
♥ My mom's spaghetti sauce.
♥ Hearing about "Old Poo Hands" who lives in front of Fancy Nails on Hillhurst.
♥ LPs coming with mp3 downloads. Coolest thing since sliced bread! Definitely the best of both worlds. Skipping over that cumbersome CD stage.
♥ Shadow box date with Megan on Friday night. I suspect there will be teeth and hair involved.


  1. dude. stay away from the post office. it is a fucking nightmare. i know that is a captain obvious statement, but it is way way WAY worse than you are imagining.

  2. I was just at the post office, and all I can say is you are one lucky chickadee. I concur with Drollgirl above. I was there for 2 hours this morning to mail a package and almost cried in frustration. Also thanks for popping by!


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