Friday, December 18, 2009

Barred Spiral Galaxy M95 // Ali Michael at Luella

I've three work holiday celebrations to attend today.

Hope you have nice Fridays & weekends ♥


  1. I'm sort of jealous?! I have none for the entire season. I'm so unpopular.
    Though, I work for my father, so I guess my family Christmas dinner is sort of like an office party? :)

  2. Hi, I'm Giovanna, I stumbled upon your blog the other day and just wanted to say I love it. I also love that big black bow in the girl's hair in the picture above.
    I'll be back, for sure. Have a good weekend. If you want to check out my blog - as per your de-lurking request the other day - here it is:

  3. i want to go to a job related party!! that would involve watching tv and drinking beer with my parents though..because right now i work with them. and right now, that's what im doing. but this is not a party. i repeat. not a party.

    do you get glitzy for your work parties?

    ps WHERE DO YOU WORK?? i try and i try to be a creeper and figure out where people work. but im bad at it.

  4. melina- meh. don't be. they're never really that much fun. hanging out with loved ones really can't be beat.

    giovanna- thanks for commenting & reading! i'll be dropping by your digs soon!

    rachel- semi-glitzy ;) i work in an office, with numbers. very very banal existence. not much to write home about.

    chelsea- thanks!!! i love the milkiness of her skin.


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