Thursday, December 10, 2009

JPN Report Part 2: 相撲!

We got really into Sumo while we were in Japan. Everyday we'd return to our hotel after an afternoon filled with exploring to recharge before we ventured out again for the evening's festivities.

After channel surfing the small flat screen, we realized that Sumo was the only thing we could understand. It's more fun if you root for someone. Soon we had favorites.

Hakuho was my favorite. I really liked his smooth buttery face. He was one of the smaller guys weighing in at a demure 153 kilograms (337 pounds).

Yamamotoyama was one big (but not so bad) motherfucker. He had no wins to his name, but a serious smattering of acne and skintags on his 258 kilogram (569 pound) frame.

We hope to go to a match next time we're there!

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  1. Oh Awesome!! I would LOVE to see a Sumo match live!!


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