Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eat, drink, & be wary

It just dawned on me that I extremely dislike Christmas and all the bullshit/stress that goes along with it. There have been warning signs along the way, like that time in first grade, when I told my friend Courtney that Santa wasn't real. She bawled and I got in trouble.

R & I keep flirting with the idea of blowing off strained, awkward family gatherings, and taking a spa weekend at the Parker, Palm Springs instead. It's looking better and better by the minute.


  1. I would like to elope with you and R for Christmas also. What airline will we be flying?

  2. Isn't that the same Parker from the axed-reality show way back when?! Just don't wear Christmas tree hat by the pool please~

  3. Well, I'm not surprised you don't like Christmas if you have to wear that hat every year. Must give you neckache.

    Spa sounds good. I get out of my family do by working a 9 hour day this Christmas. The 2.5x pay is just a bonus on top of that!

  4. lenore, it's the same hotel! most boring show ever, but you gotta love the JA.

    elissa, (i refuse to say uglygirl & think you should change your display name!) i'm the depressed one with the red ornaments. i love that you work on xmas! so perfect, too bad my work is closed. blurgh!

  5. i hear ya! i'm SO sick of all the commercials, tunes and crazy crows of horrendous shoppers. Unfortunately my husb loves it...I want to keep my complaining to a minimum as not to ruin christmas being the big bahumbug, that i am.
    i like the food and drinks though. ;)

    escaping from it all sounds sooo nice..hope you get to do it!

  6. ben is a christmas fool. He's made me love it more and more every year.
    he's obsessed.
    He bought an advent calendar thingy. I swear I'm dating an elf. We have a 200+ song holiday playlist. I actually own that chipmunks song.
    Who owns that?

    This time around I'm feeling slightly disinterested. Maybe im depressed or too distracted. Maybe I'm just becoming surly.

    I love the idea of a break away from christmas. A little bit of ttsssssst (steam sounds) helps the soul.


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