Tuesday, December 01, 2009



After work, I went to the c-c-c-craft store (some of you know & share my aversion to twee craft culture) to gather some materials for marinating my tardy pay it forward packages.

Note to self: DO NOT go to the craft store on two hours of sleep. Yowza. It's much akin to entering a corn maze, blindfolded, being led around by a one eyed thirteen year old diabetic Chihuahua named JJ (may he rest in peace).

I spent close to an hour picking things up and traversing the store to put them back. Finally, I noticed that I was in a cold sweat thinking, "Duuude, I gotta get outta this place!"

I ended up purchasing some overpriced Martha Stewart glitter (amongst other surprises) that I later inhaled when made this scary mask/depiction of what I must've looked like at the craft store. After this post, I'm going to go take apart the broken down Camero in my driveway. Bye!

Here's to a respectable amount of zzz's tonight! Cheers! 

*makers & ambien*


  1. that mask is awesome. can't wait to see what was marinating. xo s

  2. Girl, you KNOW I totally share your aversion to twee craft culture.

    I'm wanting a small fake bird to put in The Pea's new birdcage light fixture. And the thought of having to enter a Hobby Lobby makes me want to call in my Xanax refill.

  3. I do the same thing now matter how much sleep I've had! I get disoriented and zombie-like, somehow spending an hour doing nothing I originally went there for.


    Death by haggard bag face and ridiculously cute flawless skinned girl and puppy!

  5. i love your aversion to crafts ♥

  6. Oh honey. While I adore expensive yarns and love sniffing some Elmers, crafts make me so, so sick.


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