Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jackpot Dreaming

  1. Purchase a truckload of these amazing leather prize ribbons to hand out all willynilly. Pin 'em on people for having "Best Dimples," "Most Retarded Public Conversation," & what have you. (via PourPorter)
  2. Open a stationery shoppe in Manhattan and force Bella to be a shoppe dog.
  3. Travel a shit ton.
  4. Pay off bills/houses for loved ones.
  5. Donate to charity/science.
What sorts of things would you do?

I just asked R, and he replied, "I don't think about those kinds of things because they're highly improbable." Hee!


  1. I would become an exper in all things wine related and then open a restaurant.

  2. I would do your number 4, then I'd throw a 4 day party, I'd buy a house in Ios island and travel travel travel. Oh! I might study photography and shoe making.

  3. Boring R, and hells yeah.

    Oh almost endless travel would be exquisite.

  4. Is R really Dr. Spock? I love the leather prize ribbons. I'd buy lots of gifts for family and friends, buy us a bigger house and travel a shit ton as well.

  5. First I'd pay to have Parker cloned. Several times.
    Then, I'd pay off my bills and give Ben some monies so he can buy me that Victoire de Castellane ring. We'll then have a glorious wedding with foxes, ostriches, and panda bears as guest.
    Then lastly I'd invest in our FuckOff Shoppe so we never have to "work" an other day on our lives.

  6. "Win the lottery" = "make a bazillion dollars from fuck-off signs," right?

  7. (I would do nothing but read poems and eat cheese for the rest of my days. In France. Wearing ballet shoes.)


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