Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Millennium Meatplates

"Binding the feet involved breaking the arch of the foot, which ultimately left a crevice approximately two inches deep, which was considered most desirable. It took approximately two years for this process to achieve the desired effect; preferably a foot that measured three or three and one-half inches from toe to heel."

My grandmother's feet were bound when she was very young. After her parents died, she moved from the countryside to the city to live with her aunt. Her new matriarch, with her progressive urban sensibilities, unraveled and freed her feet before a 'welcome' could be muttered or suitcase emptied.

Luckily, her meatplates (love this term. can't/won't stop saying- sorry!) never blossomed into deformed golden lotuses. However, if you looked at them closely, you could see that her toes overlapped each other and were a little pointed, much like a ballerina's.

The grisly practice of foot binding makes me wonder if modern corporal augmentations for the sake of vanity and eroticism will one day end up on the barbaric practices list.

BTW, what's with all the feet posts as of late? Don't worry, I'm NOT developing a new fetish.


  1. My husband's aunt has a Manhattan apartment she hasn't lived in since 1980, and it's been empty (albeit cleaned weekly) and museum-like ever since. In other words, CREEPY. We stayed there last weekend, and I explain this to say that among her time-warp coffee table books was this bizarre photo book of foot bindings. It upped the creepiness factor of the already-creepy apartment tenfold. And THAT'S to say... I'm so happy for your grandmother's freed "meatplates!"

  2. You learn something new every day - thank you for teaching me about such intriguing cultural practice.

    Is it wrong of me to wish that someone had bound my future size 11W skis when I was young?

  3. It's so funny you posted about this because I've been thinking a lot lately about switching mostly over to flats given I suffer from metatarsalgia in my left foot thanks wearing heels a lot. I wish I were taller to offset the loss of height and the lengthening effect-haha. UGH!
    You've been thinking of going flat too?

  4. @maggie: suuuper creepy/awesome sounding!

    @raina: i would've had milk nose had i been drinking milk when i read "skis." and no.

    @borellana: i've gone flat! sometimes low heel at work. rarely heels for going out at night only. ouch!

  5. BB, you and me gotta do a joint post on PP featuring the best flat shoes. I was thinking about doing it this week or next, but it'd be way more fun to have your input too. I'm serious! Interested?

  6. borellana, i'm so down! email me!

  7. Have you seen the xrays of people who only ever wear high heels all their lives? Similar.


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