Monday, December 14, 2009

Small things:

A few small things that are bringing me joy at the moment:
  1. Trump Steaks. So perfectly absurd.
  2. the word "timepiece" for watch *eyeroll*
  3. utilizing a belt to hold up pants rather than accessorizing
What's making you smile this morn?


  1. Love that
    Trump steaks is a huge w in the fucknoids? hahah..odd.

  2. 1. A napping child.
    2. Friday the 18th.
    3. My fam.

  3. get out of town, i just bought a wee skinny white belt to hold up black jeans that are too tight in the legs and too loose in the waist. the perfect combo.

  4. what rachel said. is it me, or do all jeans fit this way? i'm confused; are we people or are we ostriches?!

  5. Having to use a belt to hold my pants up would definitely make me smile. But otherwise, pop tarts and wine make me grin from ear to ear.

  6. which is why i don't need a damn belt.

  7. 1. Ben said Clusterfuck-ish RE: line at Target yesterday
    2. daytime Theraflu
    3. this card

  8. oh celia, you and your ostriches! ;)


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