Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trash Day

This one time, R and I drove past our neighbors driveway on trash day and noticed a black Liberator wedge sticking out of the green bin. We had a good laugh and speculated about all the possible fight/break up scenarios.

Several months later, when we finally saw Burn After Reading, it was like watching the prologue of our make believe fight right there on the flickering screen. Clooney stomps out of his secret lover's house after a row, but not before huffily grabbing his sex wedge before hightailing. So hilarious.

Hands down (or bottoms up) one of my all time favorite scenes.

There may or may not be a hefty bag filled with retired naughty bits in our bin right now. No peeking!


  1. I nearly pissed myself during that scene.

    (Earlier in the movie, I had to explain to my sheltered husband what is was.)

  2. but my question is, why don't these wedges come with washable sleeves on them? honestly.

  3. That photo made it onto tabloids and I remember the speculation about how awesome Clooney is to just brazenly carry around the purple sex wedge. And then I saw the (fantastic) film, and thought... of course. It was for a film.

    I like to think real-life Clooney isn't ashamed of his wedge either, though.

  4. "Earlier in the movie, I had to explain to my sheltered husband what is was."

    Me too R, me too!

  5. What totally creeps me out is "we tried it out just the one time" Liberator sale son Craigslist. Eeeewwww.

  6. @Raina: i see a Hanukkah present in someone's future!

    @boudledidge: oh, but it does unzip.

    @Maggie: yeah! when i was searching for the photo, it popped up on a bunch of gossip sites. i agree with you on IRL Cloon.

    @melody: too funny!

    @susie q: ugh, no way. so sick.


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