Thursday, January 14, 2010


So much loss, tragedy, & pain these past few days. Here's some visual xanax & a retarded story for some levity:

It's the first thing I look at bleary, crusty eyed. It's the last thing I look at droopy, dozy eyed. I'm addicted to my phone. R is trying to help rid me of this debilitating (at times) dependency. Last night, he suggested that I stop co-sleeping with the phone (stupid, right?) and move the phone/charger out of the bedroom.

"But... but, it's my alarm clock, too," I stammered, making excuses, as addicts do.
"Then we'll get you another alarm clock for your side," he said in his best reasonable dad-like voice.

I knew it had to do it in order to get well again. I unplugged the charger from behind the headboard and brought it to the kitchen. Proceeded to lay the little guy on our ridiculously bourgie charger the way a teenaged mom lays her bastard infant in the drop drawer at the hospital. And then I said goodbye.

Baby steps.
courtney love's flowers
photographed by hedi slimane


  1. it's funny how we get addicted to such silly things. I find myself checking my email 300 times a day. I should be reading a book or figuring out what to do with my life instead.

  2. can R come and dad-voice He-Mouse, please? The man is impossible. we'll be watching a movie, and he'll suddenly say, "Wait, who's that guy?" in reference to the lead effing character because he's been reading basketball news on his phone for the last ten minutes.

  3. I feel the same way about my laptop. We pretty much co-sleep, it lives on the floor beside my bed.

  4. @cindy, i know right? i'm totally addicted to the internets and should be sent away to a deadzone rehab.

    @mouse, oh, R could dad-voice the shit outta anyone. i must be the he-mouse in this scenario. damn technology.

    @sherri, we're probably absorbing so. much. radiation. but co-sleeping with our stupid electronics. blurgh!

  5. the first step is admitting you have a problem. you're so brave for bringing the phone in the other room. i'm trying to get better too.
    ps. that charger is pretty.

  6. look, homegirl, it's going to be ok. baby steps is really all it takes. i bet you'll actually grow to enjoy using it less. i believe in you 100%!

    oh, just so you know, that charger is a little cuckoo bananas. just sayin'...

  7. thank you, you're a true inspiration, celia. and trust me, it's retarded, i know. hee!



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