Thursday, January 07, 2010

Float on

She taught me how to fold paper boats. We'd sit cross legged for hours on the scratchy carpet until our thighs were imprinted and we couldn't feel our feet anymore. She was fast, experienced. Her soft hands were nimble and could produce crisp boats at breakneck speed. I was clumsy, unsure. My clammy hands were like little raccoon paws folding and refolding, while watching her intently, trying to follow along. We'd lose all notion of time and space. I'd finally lift my head to discover that we were surrounded by a fragile armada of all different sizes. I'd proceed to drown in undistilled joy.

photo by yours truly
boat making skills courtesy of mom
recycled CDG wrapping paper, old show flyers, typewriter


  1. Clever girl.

    A new book! Huzzah.

  2. talented and soulful lil biotch aren't you?

    don't hold back.


  3. between you and amanda i'm feeling quite inadequate about the number of paper boats i have in my life.

  4. that photo is beautiful.

  5. Those are amazing! So sweet.

  6. Winnipeg author! Represent!!
    Love this post <3

  7. thanks, everyone! i really appreciate your comments. this post is near and dear.

  8. beautiful photo and your words were so endearing, it broke my cynical heart into pieces.

  9. love that quote, boat and post.


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