Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am a rock.

And a rock feels no pain; 
And an island never cries.

(except when said island 
is watching Gossip Girl, 
or Mad Men, 
or pharmaceutical commercials, 
or the six o'clock news,
or anything else that flickers back 
at her from the television screen.)


  1. Once I cried when I watched the Joy Luck Club and I was incredibly embarrassed but then I realised I was pre-menstrual so it was okay.

  2. I cried at that pet rescue commercial with that sarah mclaughlin angel song.

  3. t.v. makes me very sad now that we no longer have the dvr.

  4. Yeah, I'm not an island either.

  5. E, Joy Luck Club is pretty sad!

    M, OMFG! That Sarah McLaughlin commercial exploits emotions like no other. I think it ought to be rated NC 17. I almost gave her my entire 401K.

    S, TV w/o DVR is tragic. I'm sorry, do whatever you can to get it back!

    HG, But are you a rock?

  6. i hate that damn pet rescue commercial. gets me every time. he-mouse laughs at me.

  7. my bf once lost it to the "take me fishing" commercial!!

  8. that sarah mclaughlin commercial should be banned. i've never lasted more than 2.5 seconds. as soon as they show the shot of that poor kitty with the fucked up eye, i have to change the channel. gah, i'm starting to have a panic attack just thinking about it.

  9. no gossip girl 'til march. that makes me cry..


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