Monday, January 11, 2010


It was still dark out when I nearly peed myself en route to work this morning. Culprit: NPR did a story on the unintended complications of LASIK surgery, but Patti Neighmond (not the greatest name ever) kept pronouncing it, "LASIG" !!! Small pleasures, people! Minuscule.

Sidebar: I had Lasik a few years back and now suffer from cotton eye. Now I'm wondering if they used a genuine Lasig machine.


  1. My dad got Lasik even before it was Lasik: straight up scalpel style. They didn't put him to sleep while the did it, only numb his eyes, so he saw the whole thing go done. Creepy, yes? Anyway, it's starting to wear off and he has to wear glasses again. Eek.

  2. And holy hell spelling: the=they, and done=down. I need to go to sleep.

  3. YIPES! I was awake for mine, too. But I had lots & lots of valium that made me not care that my eyes were being seared by lasers.

  4. Eeeek! cotton eye is the yummiest fucking term.
    Sounds so good.
    Kinda like in Donnie Darko where they say that "cellar door" is phonetically the most beautiful pairing of words or some shit.
    I'd vote cotton eye.

    I also love the feeling/sound of pulling apart cotton. So satisfying.

    Sucks that your eyeballs are chronically dry tho. I suffer from way too much eyebooger creation. I'm the opposite. They're too juicy.

    Please disregardful all my blah-bage.

  5. mmm, i think i may have to pull some cotton when i get home. maybe we can do it to each other over the phone.

  6. Dang it. We forgot the cotton.

  7. dude. i heard this story. fucking horrifying. i guess i'll stick with contacts.

  8. I had never heard of Lasik until I saw Extreme Makeover. And I am a doctor. And I come from a city full of myopic people (is that racist? I hope not).


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