Sunday, January 03, 2010

No Love

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for my wallet), my deep-seeded ornithophobia won't allow me to enjoy the highly coveted Pamela Love claw cuff.

The mere thought of sharp talons wrapped around my wrist makes it feel as though the underside of my skin is sweating. Just typing that last sentence made my hands go numb. Eeks!


  1. claw cuff you say? hmmmmm.

  2. if i wasn't a poor student, i would definitely try and get my hands on that.

    ps. it's been a while since i heard a good napoleon dynamite reference.

  3. oh i really like it. but same with money here. so:
    not for now.

  4. This is one of the few areas we differ.
    I want to be clawed. I considered taking a beginners jewelry class so I can cast pigeon toes and and make rings of them. I love bird parts.

  5. I'm with MM on this one. HOT.

  6. for what it's worth, i thought it was a raptor claw. i guess they are birds, according to ~science~. it does seem more disgusting to be touched by a bird foot, though. maybe you should youtube "shagged by a rare parrot," it's gross, but stephen fry will be there.

  7. heeeeeeeeeeellll to the naw! i've seen that shit. it almost made me have a nervous breakdown. aggghrrrrrhalkfjlakjdf.

  8. This bracelet was given to me as a gift a year ago. I wore it once and after the bruise on my wrist healed, it sat on my dresser till I sold it on eBay. It looks SO COOL but it is so badly designed. Weighs about a ton and doesn't expand at all to open so to put it on you have to twist your wrist and hand through it, getting scratched by the talons. Oh- did I mention the gold fades within 2 weeks?
    Ps. I AM writing this in hopes you can comfortably cross this off your lust list.


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